project idea bot

trading art ideas with AI

Developed at Schmiede'19 with Jordi and Martin, the Project Idea Bot generates new suggestions for digital art projects. You trade ideas with it. Give it a suggestion (which will be used as training data) and the bot will give you an idea of it's own back. The aim was a tongue in cheek exploration of how the participants at Schmiede felt about integrating an A.I. tool into their creative process.

Three different types of A.I. present generate different suggestions. NostalgiaBot was trained on interviews with participants about their memory of projects past and present and simply cuts and pastes between these old projects. 'SmithBot' uses Markov chains to generate more unstable but potentially more surprising results than NostalgiaBot. 'ForgetfulBot' uses the same process as 'SmithBot' but only remembers the last 20 suggestions so that it's more likely to present ideas back to you that you suggested recently, making it a bit more responsive in feel.

Our teams attendance at Schmiede was kindly funded by Feral Labs.